The Science of Sound

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Cyma is our proprietary form of cymatic (sound) therapy. In scientific terminology, cymatic therapy is the science of the effects of acoustic stimulation within the audible sound range on biological systems. It is based on the inherent resonance frequencies that apply to the natural harmonic laws of biological life.

Cells are highly structured, electrically charged entities that can be represented as solid-state electronic systems. Their frequency windows can be tuned to receive incoming signals, transfer instructions through biological polymers, and respond as frequency transmitters.

The human body, an intricately structured biological system composed of these cells, resonates with bioelectric currents, electromagnetic fields, frequencies and the vibrations of these energies in the endless, cascading interaction of communication within the living matrix of this biological system.

CymaTechnologies International develops instruments that delivers precise frequencies (or commutations) associated with healthy tissue. These instrument synchronize aberrant frequencies back to a coherent state of vibrational resonance through rhythmical entrainment, a fundamental principle of biological communication.

The goal of Cyma Technologies International is to activate these biological laws and energies by propagating select frequencies through the biological polymer matrix. These frequencies balance the resonance of that system through frequency entrainment, or the mutual phase locking and synchronization of the oscillating structures of that biological system.

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