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TRAINING for the easy to program/easy to use AMI750 is available online, teleconferences and at on-site training seminars.
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The AMI750 and AMI1000 are sold to licensed professionals and CCPs (Certified Cymatherapy Practitioners), only. The reason we limit the sale of Cyma Technologies products to healthcare professionals is because the understanding of Cymatic therapy requires a degree of knowledge that healthcare professionals receive during their education and training.

In order to purchase instruments a licensed professional must send a copy of their current license to Cyma Technologies. You must be a licensed healthcare practitioner or have a licensable degree; for example, NDs are not licensed in all States, but because they are in some, an ND degree is considered a licensable degree. If you are a non-licensed healthcare practitioner and you wish to incorporate Cyma Technology in your practice, you may complete the following program and become a Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner.

Becoming a Certified Cymatherapy Practitioner

  1. Submit completed Module Questionnaire from 20 Training CDs available at ($30 each).
    On the right side under MENU, click on TRAININGS ON CD. Request the Module Questions be sent at the time of ordering. Complete the 4 module questions at the end of each CD and submit to Elizabeth Bauer, RN and a copy to Cyma Technologies).

  2. Submit a transcript for Human Anatomy & Physiology reflecting a passing grade. Find approved classes at your local community college or massage school; one online course has been approved:

  3. Submit one case study using the Cyma1000 or AMI750 or AMI 1000. Include a Health History, Informed Consent, protocols and results tracking. Submit this case study to Elizabeth Bauer, RN and a copy to Cyma Technologies.

  4. Once your submissions have been reviewed and approved you will receive your certification. To receive shipments of Cyma Technologies instruments you must submit proof of liability insurance.

  5. Send proof of liability insurance to Cyma Technologies. ABMP (Association of Body and Massage Practitioners) offers liability insurance (and many other benefits) for a special rate to Cymatherapy practitioners. See ABMP organization for membership and benefits at: Please contact Kristine Berlute directly at 800-458-2267 #613 or to secure the special rate for Cymatherapy practitioners.

  6. Annually, CCPs must submit a copy of their liability insurance and comply with annual continuing education requirements.
  7. The requirements are:
    A) Attend the annual Cymatics Conference (continuing education credits are given for attendance). or
    B) Submit two complete case studies for the year.

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    Cymatherapy Practitioners will enjoy the following new releases:

    Cymatherapy - A practical guide for everyone by Chris Gibbs, BSc DCM.
    This book provides the world's first comprehensive guide to the art and practice of Cymatherapy.
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    Energy Pathways of the Meridians by Elizabeth Bauer, RN
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    To order email

    Questions? Call toll-free 1-866-909-0099, or outside the USA call 1-404.307.0593. Contact us by email at We welcome your comments and suggestions.