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Mandara Cromwell, President of Cyma Technologies Intíl
Mandara is a dynamic speaker and an inspirational lecturer. We invite you to experience the historic events of sound therapy; from the wisdom of the ancients' to the science of now! Mandara presents Cyma Technologiesģ to audiences around the world, in laymanís terms, using the latest presentation technology. See diagnostic ultrasounds, EEGs, MRIs, thermographies, and X-rays showing the very promising results of audible sound in our current research!
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Steve Ruby Chief Operations Officer, Cyma Technologies Intíl
Steve Ruby is a 30 year pioneer in cutting edge industries. He successfully launched and developed three companies including one of the first video retail chains in America. He has a strong history in sales and marketing and is CEO and co-founder of internationally known PossibilitiesDNA, a school that has trained thousands of energy practitioners world wide in vibrational healing techniques. His current passion and focus is on Cyma Technologies and the revolution that the Cyma Technologies products have started in the health industry. Steve is available for consultation on the purchase and training of the Cyma Technologies products.
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