The AMI 750, acoustic therapeutic sound instrument, has been described as the most effective device for stress and pain relief in the market today.

As our most popular product, the AMI 750 provides access to ten therapeutic sound channels and is utilized by professional healthcare practitioners and private owners worldwide.

Hello, I am Mandara Cromwell, CEO of Cyma Technologies.

Through years of personal study and decades of research by pioneers in the vibrational medicine field, we have been able to witness the powerful healing effects of therapeutic sound.

Cymatherapy™ is the utilization of frequency or sound waves to create vibrant health through advanced sound technology. During the last fifteen years of exploration, my colleagues and many practitioners have seen the immense benefits of this new therapy which I brought to the United States in 2001.

Through my studies, I learned that sound could be applied to the body trans-dermally which resulted in the vision and innovation of the AMI – Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices™. In 2013, the AMI 750 was nominated for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the Fields of Science and Medicine.

I am dedicated to making this form of therapy available to everyone and my hope is that the information you find here will inspire you to explore the limitless possibilities for vibrant health for your patients, clients and loved ones.

Best Sound Wishes,


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The long awaited book by Mandara Cromwell

Soundflower is the story of a woman whose divine quest began as a child with a mystical experience in the majestic Gothic architecture of a Catholic church. Signs and symbols experienced in her youth continued to appear throughout her life, but one of the most profound spiritual messages came to her from science—in the form of sound made visible.

The Soundflower Book Introduced You To The Idea Of Cymatics – Sound Made Visible – With Stunning Images

Now you can see a collection of moving “cyma glyphs” in short video productions called: The Soundflower Experience™.

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